Due to the influx of activity

I am forced to pick this up and update =w=~

Hey you guys! Hello anyone new that follows me…(I think…I may have one new follower? lolol)

Anyways, so yes, my book was published! And I am very happiful.
Though it’s…it’s weird when people now come up to me online and say “Hey! Cool story bro!”
And I think…”;w;”

I mean, I’m not saying I have a lot of attention or that I expected lots.

TBH, I didn;t expect any.

Which is probably why it’s so weird for me to get…fanmail, of sorts. Its lovely, it really is :)
But I feel so awkward >w<~ I always want to get to know the people who compliment my work.
I think, the best part of being an artist is being able to make people smile with your work. But it’s also weird for me to have poeple I don’t even know come up to me and congragualate me.

I want to smile, thank them and give them a hug, but I realize that from a proffessional standpoint, I can’t be so imformal with everyone I meet.
It’s weird to think that, but I kinda realize it more, as I get a new message or comment.
It’s a weird feeling. I don’t know if I’m being to stuck up or prideful, or being to straightforward by saying any of this really =w=~

But I’m guessing it’s okay to vent out little things like this, since I doubt anyone reads >w<
Besides. I plan on replying to everything personally until like.
I have thousands of comments. Which will never happen. So it’s all good in the hood. Did I mention I’m particularly gangsta today?


Anyway, school has started…last year, sometime.
Erm. I will use that as my primary excuse.

But since I have free time now, I AM GOING TO UPDATE MY WORDPRESS, oh yes I am =w=-~!!
INSTEAD OF TUMBLRING, which is now where I post my doodles.

And I’m not going to link. Like a trollu.

*flies off to edit site*


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