Anime list

Hey, so it’s been an entire month since I last updated. Seems like a pretty good time to just do this then =w=

So like, since this is more for my personal use right nowww…

School started.

School was a bitch.

My subjects are great, except when my exam board is changed on a whim by the department.

My lessons are great, except when their cancelled.

My courseworks great, except when a freaking fire alarm decides to go off while I’m doing my work.[which, btw, is 10% of my grade. Thanks bro :) /end sarcasm mode]

And two fire alarms practices in less than three weeks?

This is madness.

This is Barking Abbey.

Yeah, so, since manga is getting published and on it’s merry way to the printers, I decided to watch anime to my hearts content =w=

Listy list list of Anime List~!
(Yes, I am aware that their is an entire site dedicated to this sort of thing.Yes, I have a log in at that site. I just like WordPress better =w=)

  1. Durarara
  2. Samurai Champloo
  3. TTGL
  4. errrrrr Tiger and Bunny
  5. Erm. Erm Star driver if I really can be assed.
  6. And er, rewatch FMA:Brotherhood
  7. And then wach Panty and Stocking, and cry forever
  8. And then read more Ao no Exorcist
EDIT 2012/01/30

HEY YOU GUYS. I went ahead and watched Panty and stocking. It was both the most fabulous and most disturbing thing ever.
AND I watched Tiger and Bunny. And I made FMA BAWS at it.
And I have FMA 27 in my house. It is beautiful and I baw’d and oh my god everything.

(but I still havent finished champloo D8)



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