It’s a done deal.




This entry is so over due. I was planning to write something for ages but…non.


Anyways. I went to meet a few members of Sweatdrop Studios, The group I’ll be publishing with~!

They were so wonderful ;w; It’s amazing to meet people who actually do what your dream job is!
And it just made me relaise how inexperienced I actually am ^^”””
Anyways, they liked me enough to let me join~! I am so happy…

I got the email at like 12:00 in the night morning and when I read it, I screamed. And so did my mum.

And my little sister, who normally does the screaming in this house, just stared like “WTH”


But yeah…still woring on all the admin stuff there/ Need to get like, all the logos ect and templates…


Honestly, i should be done with this thing by the 13th, when I head on over back to school.

Three months bro. It’d take me three months to write an approximately 130 page graphic novel.




I am like a machine. A zombie machine. With a CMYK colour scheme and lots of stars and skulls.
And my ahnd’s aren’t dead yet |D


2 thoughts on “Published

  1. I just got the book! The story actually IS great :D :D Good art too and I also love the way the panels are organized, actually, the best art is the cover, GREAT WORK! How long did it take you to do it? Also, Violet’s an okay character but not my favorite lol ;P Btw, did you have to pay a lot for the printings, ect? And I have to admit that you are really good at using screentones :-) Good Luck G!!

    1. Thanks so much! I am really glad you liked it. And thanks- I spend a lot of time trying to make all my page panels look different- it’s great to know that people like it :D
      And don’t worry, Vi’s not my favourite either =w=(I write my characters to be horrible poeple…which is actually kinda a bad idea in retrospect o_o)
      I payed £172 for a print run of 50, although only 48 were up for sale ^u^. And it took me exactly 3 months to push out the book, altough the characters and plot were hanging around for a while before then.
      Thanks again- and thanks for buying my book and reading! I’m so glad you enjoyed it :)

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