Coffee’s for closure.

I’m terrible with these things. But honestly I haven’t had much to write/post.

I don’t want to put up pages/previews…


I finished chapter 3 but am behind on ch 4.

But it should be finished soon… about 12 pages?
My chapter length varies so much…

I can’t wait for the second half.  It tips the scales, and throws everything out of the window. I hope I’m good enough to pull it off- and I hope it all fits in…

I’m running out of time. I have a month, if that…that’s stressful to say, but…eh, If I say it now, I can focus some more. I know I’m going to start shaking…and I need to stop procrastinating now.


Did I tell you, I’m meeting the publishers>

On 29th august. Three days after my birthday. Four days after my results come in.
It’s going to be stressful…

But I’m excited. I can’t wait…I want to meet them and I have a feeling I’ll start fangirling as soon as I see them XD

I hope my favorite artsist come~ There all incredible, but omg Marbles. So epic. I wonder if she’ll be able to come? And if she’ll cosplay XD
And I wonder what they look like, and how they are ;w;
I know their all older then me. I’ve never met many people olde then me who like manga…let alone draw it. The oldest was probably that sixth former, who was what, 17?
I wonder how they’ll be?
I wonder if they’ll like me ;w;
I hope they do~

Wish me luck guys. Not even caffeines going to keep me running…





the title is a reference/punthingy to a fall out boy song. lol, i should just wangst on livejournal like a good emo kid.

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