Why I’m not allowed to write FanFiction

This is going to sound so stupid.

RIGHT, SO THERE I WAS BEING KUBO SHINY and having a shower, when I was thinking about pokemon and stuffs. And quite randomly, a I thought of a plot bunny, which I will now explain in length.
(Told you it would be really stupid =3=) Continue for horrific plot details on my personal take on Pokemon LeafGreen/SoulSilver

It’s ridiculously long, but idk. I think it’s interesting.

Oh and BTW, bare in mind that for the most part, your never actually meant to like any character I write. So don’t fell bad if you start thinking “DAMN, WHAT A BITCH!”. And there is A LOT of alternate character interpretation. (like in my head, Silver isn’t an emo for the most part/shock horror/)


So the story is about a girl called Leaf who lives in pallet town(no duh). She’s quite happy in Pallet town, where she lives with her mum. When she was very young, Leaf fell into a pond where she almost drowned, if she hadn’t been saved by a Dratini and brought back to her home. Since then, she always visits her friend the Dratini, who she calls Levi(like, leviathan, the sea snake).

Leaf doesn’t have any pokemon- she’s never been interested in battling, unlike her two friends Red and Blue.  They went off to become trainers as soon as they could, but Leaf stayed back, prefering her more simple life. Then one day, Team Rocket(which recently became a threat in Kanto) came to Pallet Town and stole away Levi just as Leaf was going to see him that morning. She tried to chase after, but couldn’t get far because she had no pokemon to defend herself in the wild. So Leaf got her first pokemon (a bulbasaur) from Oak, and then started on her quest to find Levi, gathering new pokemon on the way.

Leaf travels through Kanto, and investigates the doings of Team Rocket, occasionally helping citizens of the town she visits from their evil antics. Along the way, she runs across Blue, who has recently lost to Red in the Pokemon League(meaning Red has become the Champion) and is now obsessed with bettering himself and being able to defeat Red. He challenges Leaf to battle whenever they meet, and becomes increasingly cold to her; especially when she starts beating him. She tries to remind him that they are all friends, but eventually gives in to the rivalry, and they stop being friends.

Eventually, Leaf tracks Team Rocket to Celadon City. She breaks into the Game Corner, which is serving as the Rocket’s base, and she saves Levi, who during a battle evolves into a Dragonair. Leaf gets to the bottom of the base, saving many other pokemon along the way, where she finally comes face to face with Giovanni. She immediately challenges him, enrages by his ethics and how he treats pokemon. However, he easily defeats her, and is about to steal her pokemon when Red intervenes. He defeats Giovanni and sends him fleeing, and then helps Leaf get out of the Base.

Red says he’s stepped down as the League Champion, as he believes that Giovanni is attempting to take over the League from the inside, and Red doesn’t wish to be apart of that. Leaf resolves to destroy Team Rocket, now even more determined then ever. She asks Red to help her, but he declines, saying he really doesn’t want to get involved with any of this and that he’d rather go to Johto, hoping to meet new people there. Leaf accepts this, and the two bid each other farewell.

Later on, Leaf hears that the Rockets fled to Saffron city and are now holding Silph Co hostage, therefore stunting Kanto’s economy as now pokeballs and other trainer conveniences are cut off. Leaf goes to Saffron city, and fights her way up to the top of the Silph Co. building, but just as she reaches the top, she spots Giovanni leaving. She attacks a grunt and learns from him that Giovanni is already on his way to the pokemon league, as he apparently has full control of it’s inner working now and is now going to take his place as Champion.

Leaf, in a cold rage, storms through the gates before the league, defeating any guard who stands in her way as she hasn’t gained any badges. She defeats the League, and is about to challenge the Chapion, who she beleives is Giovanni-

But it’s Blue.

Blue explains that he finally managed to become Champion, and defeated Giovanni as soon as he came up, and Giovanni has now fled to Johto. He also mentions he never did get to defeat Red, as red had stepped down as Champion before Blue had gotten to him, but that didn’t matter to him any more. Blue says he has a new rival that he must defeat, which is Leaf. Leaf doesn’t understand and Blue continues to say that Leaf has become one of the strongest trainers in Kanto and has helped defeat two of the Rockets largest operations, without defeating a single Gym, and they has gone and destroyed the pokemon league just now. Blue says that Leaf may be one of the greatest trainers and he now must defeat her to prove that he is better.

Leaf tries to evade him, in order to chase Giovanni, but he stops her and demands she fights him. She utterly slaughters him, and when he’s defeated, it dawns on Blue that he might actuall be in love with Leaf(which would be why he’s so determined to prove himself to her). He tries to convey this to her, but she shoots him down before he can even tell her anything, saying that she doesn’t want to waste time on someone as pathetic as him.

She leaves the league, but just as she’s about to go, but is grabbed by some people before she can react- however she throws out her pokemon, but they land in a river and they don’t open. Leaf gets knocked out, but before she goes unconscious, she;s glad that she at least saved her pokemon.

—Part two

A few years pass, and a boy called Gold is about to start his pokemon journey. Just as he leaves the lab with his new Cyndaquil, he finds some old pokeballs washed up at the bottom of a river in New Bark Town. He opens them up, and it’s Leaf’s team, although he doesn’t know this. He befriends them and says he’ll find their owners. Gold asks around town, but no one seems to know where these pokemon came from. Professor Elm jokingly suggests that Gold should go over to Goldenrod City and send out a broadcast asking about the pokemon using their radio tower. Gold takes this literally, and sets off on his journey.

Gold travels along for Goldenrod, and along the way defeats a few gyms and battles with Silver, who he sees around a lot. Gold frequently tries to make friends with Silver, but is usually shrugged off because Silver is busy tracking mysterious men in black outfits and helping citizens. Gold however is constantly cheerful and happily skips over to Goldenrod, unphased by the negative behaviour of his apparent rival.

Eventually, he gets to Goldenrod, only to find out that the radio tower had been taken over by those mysterious men- who as it turns out is Team Rocket. Silver is trying to get in to get rid of the Rockets, and Gold offers to help him. Silver actually agrees and the two of them defeat the grunts and get all the way to the top, where they find a commander- but no boss. All the Rocket higher ups are in a slight panic, as they’ve apparently lost their boss, who they are completely lost without. Silver says that they’re pretty much powerless right now, and after they leave bids goodbye to Gold, as Silver still has to find what he’s looking for.

Gold leaves the tower, as he is unable to use the equipment with all the Rockets still around, but then meets Red, who’s loitering around outside. Red asks Gold is he’s chasing the Rockets too, and Gold guesses he is. Red says that he knows that their in Mahogany town, and asks Gold if he’d come with him to defeat them. Gold agrees and the two travel to Mahogany together.

On the way, Gold questions Red about why he wants to defeat the Rockets and why he wants Gold to come as Red was the former Champion and should be able to defeat them himself. Red explains he never really wanted to do this- he wanted to explore and travel the world with his friends, but Leaf never wanted to go and Blue was so obsessed with being the best, that he ended up travelling alone. As he went along, he became stronger and stronger, becoming the champion. But he lost his friends as they became obsessed with battling and defeating he Rockets. Red never wanted to be apart of any of this conflict and opted for just leaving, but after Leaf disappeared, he felt he needed to defeat the Rockets for her.

However when they do get to Mahogany town, Red freezes up, still unable to actually venture into the conflict. Gold says it’s okay, and that he’ll take over from there. Red thanks Gold and says he’s leaving for Mt. Silver, so he can decide what he’d like to do with himself, away from the conflict around hi. Red leaves and Gold goes into the Rocket base and defeats the commander there. He also finds Giovanni there, except he’s locked up. Just then, Silver comes in, saying he’s finally found Giovanni, and sets him free.

Gold is shocked, and Silver reasons that Giovanni is his father and that he was captured by the rockets against his will, so Silver was trying to save him. Giovanni explains that when he was defeated by Blue, he realised how wrong he had been and decided to leave the Rockets, and went out searching for his long lost son, Silver who he’d abandoned previous to starting Team Rocket. When they finally found each other, Giovanni was shortly captured, and since then Silver has been trying to track him down,and also defeat the Rocket’s new leader. Giovanni further states that the Leader had disappeared recently, and now they were trying to get Giovanni to lead them again. He also says that he believes the new leader is in Kanto, and so tells Gold to go there.

Gold bids them both farewell, and he goes to Kanto where he searches out the person who defeated Giovanni the last time- Blue. Gold finds Blue in the old gym in Viridian City and asks him if he’;ll help Gold. Blue laughs him off, and says he’ll only help Gold if Hold can defeat him. When Gold takes out Leaf’s pokemon(who he’s been using in battle, and are super overleveled and fully evolved…Gold cheats.) Blue immediately recognises them and goes into a rage believing Gold had something to do with leafs disappearance. But when Gold tells Blue about what happened, Blue ultimately agrees to help Gold search for Leaf and defeat the new Rocket Boss.

The two roam around Kanto for a while, searching for leads on Team Rocket, although they only really find some red herrings and don’t get very far. Then they finally get to Vermilion, where Blue spots Leaf getting off a boat.  The two run up to her, and Gold returns her Pokemon to her. As it turns out, Leaf is also chasing after the new Rocket Boss, and says she has a few leads on who it is and even been tracking him for a while! She plans to intercept him at Saffron City, where she believes he’ll be coming in on a train. Blue and Gold agree to help her, and they go over to Saffron. When Blue asks about her whereabouts, she says she doesn’t quite rememeber, but that doesn’t matter now that she’s escaped.

They get to Saffron and wait for the train to get there. The train stops and then, Silver comes out of one of the cabins. Gold is about to greet him when Leaf immediately steps out and accuses him of being the new Rocket Boss. Gold and Silver are shocked and Gold tries to explain that Silver is an ally, but Leaf ignore him and calls out her Pokemon. They come out, but recognise Silver(who they fought with while they were with Gold at the Radio tower) and refuse to battle him. From this, Leaf realises he isn’t  the boss, and is about to call them back when they all start berserking out. She quickly gets them back into their pokeballs, and the four look around and see many other people are having problems with their pokemon.

Silver explains this is exactly why he came there- he discovered that the Rockets had been able to smuggle the Radio tower goods from Johto to Kanto and were able to set up a transmitter in Lavender Town Tower that sends out signals to pokemon and makes them got berserk. The four of them go to Lavender town and go up the tower, taking out yet more grunts, but when they reach the top, they once again find that the leader is missing!

But then, one of the commanders come out and revel that the leader IS in the room-

And they point to Leaf.

Leaf freaks out and starts denying everything and saying that she has no idea whats going on. But then the Commander says that even now, leaf is beginning to remember the last few years. He revels that when Giovanni left, Team rocket needed a leader so the commanders decided to get the best possible leader- which would be the strongest trainer in Kanto, Leaf. They took her, and brainwashed her into thinking she’s the leader of  Team Rocket and from there, she led them and made them stronger then ever.

Leaf begins to have a mental breakdown as she remembers everything, and is conflicted as both sides of her personality begin to emerge at once. She kneels over over of the floor and starts thrashing, shaking and talking to herself, as the other watch and are powerless to do anything. Rocket grunts come out and start to drag them away, although they fight back, but since they can’t use their pokemon, they are beaten by the numbers of grunts and are being taken away.

But then, Leaf regains control(in a loose use of the word.) and begins to smash the transmitters control panel. She destroys everything in blind rage and sets fire to the entire room. Everyone runs out, and Gold, Silver and Blue get out, and turn to see the whole tower blow up.

Everyone thinks Leaf is dead, but she comes out, but collapses straight away.


Months pass. Leaf has given up training and has given her Pokemon to Gold(only keeping Levi), as since the Lavender Town incident, her health has completely deteriorated. She isn’t eating properly and this doesn’t help her condition. She is mostly bedridden, and since she refused to use a ventilator to breath, the doctors expect she may even die is she doesn’t take care of herself better.

However, Leaf refuses to, as she has become clinically depressed. Her family still takes care of her, but the rest of the town avoid her, believing her to be insane. Outside her family, Blue is the only person who sees her. He has moved back to Pallet town, and visits her every day, and helps her parents take care of her.

One day, Leaf gets out and goes off to the edge of pallet town, which is a cliff overlooking the sea. She takes in a the scenery for a while until Blue finds her out there. She tells him she has nothing left to do, and would like to leave for something new. Blue says that he’ll come with her, but she simply smiles at him, and tells him she doesn’t want him to go with her.

She hugs him and then turns around. Then she jumps off the cliff.

Interpret the end as you will.

I turn POKEMON into a tragedy. =3=



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