Teaser stuffs

Chapter one. Y U TAKE SO LONG?
(that seems to be my current meme of choice XD)

Srsly though, I want to hurry up and get to the Damion part.  Stupid favourite character being a Johnny come Lately. Stupid Damion. Stupid linearts. I’m just gonna line traditionally again =3= Stupid manga. Stop taking over everything D: Anyways. As of this writing, I have like, 3 more pages to go until I’m done? Yeah that sounds about right ;w; Seriously though, I AM SO SCARED MY COMPUTER IS GOING TO CRASH D: It keeps loading super slow and stuff…ewew. Also it’s starting to become apparent that I might not be accepted into that comic circle after all. If that happens, I’ll just publish here =3= ewew, I hope that won’t happen. (but somehow, I’m sure panelling and prettyness won’t get me a place there, what with the…kubo esque lack of backgrounds… And IDEK if they want the freaking story itself. Which is a genre breaking mindscrew full of insane troll humour.)

eh. Anyways- Weird teasery thingy. Click below for it, plus for some extra material/sketch dumps.

(oh btw i totally forgot how to insert galleries…)


oh and-

My friend once described adolescence as the time when your nose is way to big for your face, so you look weird.
These guys must have looked pretty awkward.

Oh and that spoiler? Moved to it’s own page methinks.


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