I finally got off my ass and decided to clean my mum’s room so she’d let me install the scanner.

This Shazzeh has ben cleaning A LOT the past two days =3=
Whatever, it payed off. Now I can walk into my room without fear of tripping and can totally has a scanner/printer/photocopier.

Anyways- expect me to scan A CRAPLOAD and just spam dump it all here XD
(aah, it’s taking FOREVER TO LOOOAD D: )

Yeah so…I have about two more pages of chapter one to do. I swear, it is the shortest pilot chapter EVER. It’s…going to be LESS THEN 17 PAGES D:

There’s just not that much material I WANT to include…
Anyways, I should have this thing geared up by tonight, so I’ll get on finishing those pages and start scanning…around Tuesday? Since I’m out tomorrow ;w;

Right. Well, I’m going to get on to FINALLY doing those profile pages! See you guys later!


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