Workin’ 9 to 5…

What a way to get blood pressure!

Hah. I’ve always considered myself a lazy person. Now I have soemthing I’ll willingly kill myself over, and it reminds me why I was so happy being lazy.

But pure drive stops me from taking a break. Stupid determinator spirit.

Which really makes me stop and wonder, where did that come from? I’m pretty sure I spent the majority of my childhood being the passive shy girl.

Where the eff did this…almost borderline hot bloodedness come from?

I think it’s all the coca cola.

Anyway, I’ve been working on WV. Yesterday I sketched out…eight pages? Yeah. And two of em were traditionally inked. I forgot to eat lunch/breakfast at the correct times and ended up only eating twice. I was SHAKING by the time I had finished.
The pages were quite good though, so I’m glad.

Tiday though, I had a whole schedule planned. But that DIED when my friend called to say I had to come in for some sucky school thing. Eh…now I’m kinda…not ahead of myself. Which is bad.

Atleast it looks like I won’t have my scanner plugged in until…at earliest maybe Sunday?
I’m planning to make like a schedule where I draw em out for…three days, then scan em in on one day and ink the rest of the time. IDK how that will go, but it’s what I’m sticking to for nowXD

Anyways. Yeah, other then that, it goes good. I think I’ll submit my first chapter as soon as I finish…so then atleast if I’m not accepted, i don;t screw myself over and draw everything else out too =3=.

Eh, whtvr. I’ll just sit here and hope I’m awesome enough to get in XD

Until later then!


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