AH~ I guess what? I’ve been plotting like a troll.  It’s so fun~
Especially plotting out Damion’s interactions with Vi and Sammy. And the adorable meeting scene.

It’s generally going good. I’ve got about 7 chapters plotted out, but I migh make small changes later to slow down the pace a little… stick in some filler and that.

…The problem arises when I realised it’s going to be a lot longer then I had originally perceived.

Originally, I wanted it to be around 10 chapters, but I thought I’d end up with 7 or 8.

But the way it’s going now, I’ll have around 12. And these things seem to be about 20 pages worth each…which means when this volumes done, it’ll be 240 pages, if not more.

However, that still means I have to complete roughly 4 pages a day. Which is fine.

AH, I’m excited!!

But anyways… do you guys have any idea what one sticks on a character profile?

I’ve been asking since forever, but I seriously need some idea/

message mee ideaaas D:






2 thoughts on “DAMNIT!

  1. For character profiles, I’d stick the basic stuff (Age, birthday, height, etc) along with some flavor text (short description of personality) and other things (taste in music and/or film – maybe pick out a song and movie for each of them? idk) Likes, dislikes, favorite foods, childhood dreams… idk. It may be useless information but fangirls like to know this stuff/it adds another dimension to the character. (For instance: there are like no horses in MSC but Cody is deathly terrified of them–it never comes up in the story but it’s a fun quirk) idk idk

    For the SCD profiles I did a while back (and never posted lol), I included a random factoid that differed from character to character–like Garret’s favorite mineral (GARnet) and the time it takes Adrian to get his hair ready in the morning (20 minutes).

    Good luck drawing four pages a day *thumbsup*

    1. Flavour text? …I immediately thought of words tasting like fruit and icecream.
      KAY, I CAN DO THAT. So fangirls actually like reading that stuff? /never knew this/
      Right, I’ll go do that. POOR CODY D:


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