Hey Hey!

Penultimate Exam Blog pooost!

Finished up maths for life!WOOH!

Though, I wil miss it. I…like maths, and I’ll miss my class.
It was such a fun class ;_;

Aw, and like, I finished early and started drawing on my tracing paper they gave out.
And when the invigilator came by to  collect the scraps, he saw me and gave me a ”WTS are you doig?” face.
I literally smiled at him like ‘:D’ until he left. He came back towards the end and was looking at what I was drawing XD

Maybe I’ll scan that in sometime…

AH! One exam to gooo~!

Which reminds me I was suposed to email a shitload to my teacher D:

OH WELL! She gave me all the stuff I need so I think I’ll be good…


Also, today I was floating over my desktop and looking at some files, when I glanced upon one of the many picturey things I have of Zach.

I realised then that if I ever walked past him in the street, I would actually scream and run far, far away out of pure fear.
No lie.


Scary dude is scary.  


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