Almost free…

2 More tests.

Next monday afternoon, I WILL BE FREE FOREVER until next year.

yay~ /spins around/

Just remembered /why/ I made a folder for exam journals.

In all honesty, I feel quite..placid. I’m not worried, I’m not stressed…relaxed even.
I’m not excited any more though- and I’m a little bored to be honest.
I’m glad I only have two to go. I just hope I haven’t screwed up without noticing. 

Anyway, this weekend I went out and bought my materials. I have a feeling I’ll need more paper though…

I seriously can not wait to get started, but until then…I’ll just pretend to study so my mum doesn’t bite me to death.

Erm. Expect some polls to swing over some time, for those of you who bother to read this.

Also, perhaps art dumps.
Prolly do some maintanance and make this shit prettier to look at too/


About stuff I should add…It’s multiple choice plz/


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