Final Fantasy Overkill


So I’ve been into Final Fantasy today~
Was spam playing my 4HoL, and got a liiittle further.

But gave up when those stupid turtles stopped dropping mythril.

Ah, I love final fantasy~! It’s so prettiful with it’s amazing character designs and pretty art. And awesome gameplay and story.

And all around awesome.

Anyways, so far  I’m trying to get Yunita to Spelvia. She’s so underleveled…/so Imma just level grinding her…

Pfft, I want to see what happens when Jusqua and Aire reunite. Their my OTP for this game/
/In my head, I can imagine Jusqua travelling with the little cat on his shoulders, and then when he finally finds Aire again, he runs and hugs her.
And Brandt and co are like WTC, Jusqua.

Why /do/ they have such spazzy name btw?

Anywho! Art dump!


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