Ah so like…Day three of Exams…
Did my English Paper 2 and PDC yesterday ;w;

I have biology today…

Damn I hope I get like…Over 115 on the test :I
I want my sparkle A* plz.

…alsoIhaveA*inartplz/ My mum cried when I told her >3<

/she better get me some headphones today e_e /
/sniff/ I can’t live without blasting screamo through my ears ;_;

Continue for random doodle dump.

Yeah So I draw ALOT, And never show anyone ever.
So let’s break that habit-

Heh. I draw these two together a lot. And I act like their this cutesy romantic
couple 24/7 and are just plain adorable.

Sam’s not allowed proper clothes. Srsly Zach, cover up your woman.

Anyone seen Gaga’s new video for Judas? Then you’ll recodnise the deco here.
…Zach can be Mary Magdalene.


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